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Glitter Products

Make paint, textile, decorative products, plastic, cosmetics, etc. more shiny and glossy with these quality approved Glitter Products available in Gold, Silver, Green, Pink, Metallic, and other colors. They are available with strong colors, beautiful glossy finishing and high quality adhesive to easily stick to the products for adding rich colors. In addition, they are easy to apply and their glossy effect lingers for days.

Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resin is used for coating, filling cracks & joints, etc. in different sectors from automotive, construction, electronics, food and beverage packing, etc. It is available in different types from liquid, solid, blends, solutions, to multifunctional forms to ensure to provide the best results. With a small quantity, it shows perfect output and provides maximum protection to the surfaces with unmatched gloss.

Metallic Powder & Pastes

Non dusty and easy to apply Metallic Powder & Paste is available for adding beautiful metallic effects to different products and surfaces. This ready-to-use product is ideal for enhancing the glittering effect of the surfaces as well as materials. With long lasting adhesion and trouble free application, it ensures more efficient covering that nay other material available in the market.

Plastic Brightening Colors

Light, brighten and protect the plastic surfaces from any harsh weather condition using this highly reliable range of Plastic Brightening Colors. They are available in different colors, shines and shades to paint the plastic surface according to the need. In addition to this, their dust, water and UV resistant features make them ideal to provide complete protection to the plastics.

Decoration Rangoli Colours

Turn imaginations into reality by creating beautiful rangolies at different occasions and festivals using this range of Decoration Rangoli Colour. It is prepared from high quality colors and pigments to ensure color fastness, free from impurities and maximum coloring effects. With skin-friendliness and toxic free nature, it provides no irritation, redness and rashes to the skin while applying by hands.

Cosmetic Eye Shadows

Bring out the real beauty of your eyes in unique style using this vibrant range of Cosmetic Eye Shadow. It is the boldest, safest and trusted way to enhance the looks of eyes. Easy to apply and remove colors make you stand out in any party and occasion. This array of eye-catching eye shadow is safe to use as prepared from reliable colors and materials.

Chemical Dyes

Chemical Dyes to provide uniform, long lasting and durable colors to any surface of different materials. With UV, water and abrasion resistant properties, they ensure to provide maximum performance. In addition, they are developed from high quality pigments for utmost permanency, better solubility as well as adhesion to the surfaces. These environment-friendly dyes are free from any toxic and harmful material.

Chemical Pigments

Chemical Pigments, developed from organic as well as synthetic compounds, are ideal to add stable colors to printing inks, plastic, paints and other materials. Ideal for coloring different materials, they ensure long lasting stability of colors without any fastness and fading. They can be used with water and other materials to ensure to leave long lasting impressions.

Foaming Agents

Ensure right and accurate formation of foam from blowing agent to surfactants using this high quality Foaming Agent. This is developed using quality materials in accurate composition to ensure maximum effectiveness. It is safe to use and apply in different sectors from pharma, furniture, rubber, textiles, power plants to other sectors as it is prepared from clinically tested materials.


Add stable and lasting colors to different materials in printing, cosmetic, textile and other sectors by employing these reliable colours. They are prepared from high quality and safe to use raw material for adding matchless colors to varied products. With long shelf life and maximum adhesive property, they provide utmost satisfaction to the clients when it comes to add beautiful colors.

Silver Dollar Pastes

Silver Dollar Paste to add beautiful silver color to different products and materials such as cosmetic products, glassware, handicrafts and other decorative items. This is a non- toxic and safe to use products available with skin friendly features. It provides excellent reflective surface to different materials and goods to ensure excellent brightness, unmatched metallic effect and maximum appeal.

Chamki Powders

Chamki Powder is widely used in different decorative works from designing jewelries, cosmetics to handicraft items. This is prepared from high quality raw materials to give it heat, water and solvent proof properties. With high reflective index and shine surface, it ensures maximum dispersion of light that creates matchless look. It is skin friendly, hence ensures maximum safety while applying or using.

Radium Powders

Radium Powder, also known as Luminescent Powder, is designed to provide a glowing and sparkling effect to different products and materials in dark. This is available for varied applications such as to show directions, caution signs, etc. to make individual aware of the things during dark. In addition, it is also used in textile, printing, glass, plastic, paint, and other industries.

Glow In The Dark Powders

Glow In The Dark Powder is a phosphorescence pigment powder used to absorb light particles and release them slowly by creating a glow. This is high glow intensity powder used in emergency sign boards, toys, etc. Prepared from safe to use, reliable pigments and materials, it can be easily used on skin owing to is skin friendly feature.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black is available in granular form to be used as a reinforcing agent in different pigments, rubber products, electric conductive agent, etc. This is prepared by combusting oil and gases to provide the best products with uniform color strength and stability. It is available with UV and abrasion resisting property to ensure to provide maximum output in different applications.

Silica Gel
Backed by pioneering processing unit, we are able to provide supreme grade Silica Gel. Finds application in packaging, electronic and other industries, it is used for controlling humidity for avoiding spoilage or degradation of varied goods. Processed with the use of optimum quality chemicals, this Silica Gel is known for its non toxic nature and odorless feature.